Bask in the sunshine of love


   There is something that softens a heart of stone;There is one thing, can make the gloomy life full of hope;There is one thing that has the power to bring the dead back to life.This is love.Love makes the world beautiful and decorates life.


     When I was a child, love was a lollipop, a new dress, a sweet kiss from my mother.But now I always think that love is like a vague shadow, always can not find the clue.Love seemed to be behind the shadow, but it would not reveal its true face.I'm always trying to find it, but it's like playing hide-and-seek with me.Until I gave up and calmed down, I was surprised to find that love was always with me.


     I see daddy's back, crooked back.This is the back, carrying my childhood dream.Every day when I go to and from school, I spend my days on this back bend.Dad told me jokes, stories about great scientists, stories about great people...I lean on the broad back bend, do not have to worry about the wind and rain, because my father has blocked everything for me.Now, instead of leaning on my father's back, I took on the "work" of beating his back.I see it as a reward.But every time I face dad's crooked back, I can't help but cry.


     I see my mother's lips, warm lips.My mother is not very talkative, but I am always willing to confide in her.She always listened in silence and then told me, "do what you want.I believe you can do better!"Whenever I enter competitions, she likes to bend down and kiss me gently on the face before I leave.Yes, I'm used to that.That's enough, isn't it?


     I see the teacher's eyes, deep eyes.Is this eye, in my heart, frustrated, give me comfort;When I get results, give me encouragement;Give me strength in my panic, in my fear;Warning me when I make a mistake, when I get lost...Is this eye, always watching me, let me never give up, go forward!


     I finally understand what love is, love is grateful, is hope, is let me not hurt anything.And the vague shadow is my father's back, my mother's lips, my teacher's eyes, is all the people who love me to my care.I have been bathed in the sunshine of love!









亦橙 创始人

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