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There is no real empathy in this world, so when you read this, no matter what stage of your life, don't forget to love yourself.

When I look back on my life at 26, I have something to say.In many people's eyes, you don't want marriage, you don't want home, you want money, you want status...Yes, people never really understand each other, and there will never be real empathy, people do not understand you, also as if you do not understand others.So don't be so quick to explain when you have a problem. Don't be so naive as to think that your explanation will change something or affect something. The only person who can be affected is yourself.If you know how to explain it, it will only make things worse. It is better to use your time to regulate your mood, eat regularly, go to bed regularly, listen to music when you have time, keep exercising, and go shopping whenever you feel like it, than try to explain something when you have a good time.You explain all, will not change others to you, the only thing you can change is your own attitude towards life, only to strengthen their own people, after being abandoned, to leave, whether it is natural affection, love, or friendship.Nothing can help you but to strengthen yourself.

Never forget your dream, what you want to have, never depend on anyone alms, and never do something for nothing.The world is real and heartless. If you rely on others' evaluation of you, it can only be said that you are not good enough. You have to keep trying to change yourself and become a stronger person.I firmly believe that a few hundred pounds of bed can carry the woman, will not be the eyes of others incompetent person.

Yes, all the "suffering", in fact, really do not need to say, can understand the people do not need you to say will also feel, do not understand the people even if you say a thousand times is also indifferent.Because the person who is injured, suffering and affected is yourself, not others, why keep emphasizing?Are you willing to endure the pain and fatigue in the first place?No reason why the fruit?Since it's all your own decision, why are there others to help you endure the "sequelae"?With what?Do people owe you anything?The choices you make, the decisions you make, the consequences you have to live with.You never expect, or even attempt, to rely on anyone to tide you over. You always depend on yourself, so don't try to be lazy.

The older you get, the harsher the world is.Both the reality and the people.Everyone disguises the veil, even oneself begin to doubt oneself.The closest person is also always ready to betray you, you tell the mood of a word, turned to be taken to the streets.Maybe it's just the last shred of trust left between you, torn apart.

There is trust and dependence between people.Always yearn for that kind, when you find you start to rely on someone, you will feel you need him, you want to discuss everything with him, even if it is a small thing you can decide at will, you also want to ask his opinion, that is how happy filled with a mood ah.But when you found that the newly spiced dependence was a "no opinion" evaluation poured cold water, you suddenly wake up, you do not want to do, you feel the happiness, as he said, for him is a pain, a burden...You suddenly feel that there is an inexpressible sadness, that moment, you want to cry, you want to hide yourself in the quilt wrapped up his body......You did not think that their longing for things in the eyes of others is pain, only your own happiness, not together, not others.

Because of a small word, I once doubted myself, I am not like what he said, I really have a psychological problem, so I went to the Internet to look up countless books and reviews, I found that, countless girls have the same experience and feelings as me, they feel are sweet, cute, protected love......In my opinion, everyone who yearns for beauty is not wrong, yearning for beauty is a person's right, no one has the qualification to stop others yearning for beauty, evaluation of others yearning for beauty should not......I was relieved.I do not have psychological problems, my biggest mistake is not to control their own mind, after all, not everyone can be empathy, empathy.So, I share those sweet love net friends, all like once...Bless you, you are so lucky.

People with a heart have tolerance and distance.The most basic tolerance is lost, how to dream and distant?Less complain, less hope others to you how, want to set out in person, the result is certainly better than others almsgiving too much.Don't try to change anyone. Just be yourself. That's your biggest improvement.

Flowers like sunshine, birds like the blue sky, fallen leaves long for freedom, you are not?Experienced the pain and suffering of the people, should be better than others, so should not appear again to make themselves feel a waste of time and waste of life things.When your eyes are closed, you leave this world, disappear into this world, you are nothing, or into a wisp of smoke, or into a cloud.Life is a hurry. There is no need to grieve over meaningless things. There is no need to lose sleep over useless things.

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